The Science of Violence®️ is a series of courses developed by renowned biomechanical engineer and kinesiologist Dr. Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin and the team at GTD Scientific. Using real-world case studies, The Science of Violence®️ provides unique insight into how science can prove what really happened when the truth is hard to find.  

Our popular one-hour course is now available, and it will soon be followed by three-hour and modular formats that you can customize to your needs.  Sign up now and complete the course at your convenience to gain a foundation that will help you to better manage crime scenes, investigations, injury analysis and expert witnesses.   

One-Hour Course: Introduction to Biomechanics

Our one-hour Introduction to Biomechanics provides an informative and entertaining overview, along with an in-depth case study that shows just how powerful the investigative tools can be.


Three-Hour Course: Fundamentals of Biomechanics and Injury Causation

COMING SOON! Our three-hour Fundamentals of Biomechanics and Injury Causation includes the introduction, along with two additional hours of case studies and practical applications. 


Additional One-Hour Course Options: Deep Dives

COMING SOON!  We are currently adding a series of one-hour, topic-specific Deep Dives to let you learn more about specific skills and techniques like photogrammetry, ballistics, free body diagrams, modelling, testing, and more!


Why should you take the Science of Violence®️?

  1. Obtain a new skill set that you can use today to improve the scientific foundation of your investigations, litigation and work with expert witnesses.
  2. Real-world case studies demonstrate how you can apply your new understanding of biomechanics and injury causation.
  3. Mock investigations can help you practice your newly-acquired knowledge.
  4. Receive professional credit and a certificate of training attendance. Professional credit is currently approved in British Columbia, Washington, California, and Arizona. You can also ask us to obtain accreditation in your region.

This training will provide you with invaluable information to take your force investigation to the next level – it’s a must for investigators, prosecutors, and police defense attorneys, especially in today’s environment.

- Anthony Polse

Maricopa County Attorney

Still not convinced? Please watch the following short video for a preview of what we offer in the Science of Violence®️ and how our unique combination of information, case studies and skills can help YOU in your future endeavours.

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