Science of Violence® Biomechanics from Video Evidence

GTD Scientific presents 'Biomechanics from Video Evidence'. 

This course aims to identify how physics derived from video relates to complex human injury litigation involving violent encounters and incident reconstruction investigations.

It will demonstrate how biomechanics from video can be applied to prove what happened during an incident and provide an overview of the unique techniques and methodologies that can be applied to solve challenging cases.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Identify how Newton's laws of motion related to Use of Force investigations can be derived from video.
  • Demonstrate how video analysis is currently limited to distance and timing. 
  • Discuss how biomechanics including applied load can be obtained from video footage.
  • Demonstrate how specific video analysis can prove threatening positions vs. non-threatening positions.
  • Explore multiple case studies where deriving biomechanics from video was critical in understanding the violent event in 3-dimensions.

Format: Pre-recorded webinar.

Duration: 2 hours.

Lecture by Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin, Ph.D., R.Kin., P.L.Eng.

Upon completion, you will receive professional credit and a personalized Certificate of Attendance. 

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Hands down, the most interesting talk I’ve ever seen at IACP. (International Association of Chiefs of Police)

- Justin C., Texas.

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